Hi there! My name’s Nils – welcome to my blogging experiment!

This website documents my attempt to earn an income independent of salaried office work. My approach to this is, of course, content creation.

My financial goals are very modest – I do not expect to retire from my 9 to 5 any time soon – and I don’t have any illusions about this being “easy money”. I do believe that I need to challenge myself, and that I need to take some risks in order to have a chance at any sort of pay-off. And we learn best by actually trying new things.

I will post all steps I take in setting up this blog, as well as the actual “product” – the money generating blog. This includes all lessons learned, all successes and all failures. I will also be 100% transparent about any money I finally do earn – if any.

If you’ve done this sort of thing before, you will probably find that I am inexperienced and perhaps a little naive. If you have any tips, feedback or constructive criticism, don’t hold back – I love comments! And if you’re as new as I am, please do post as well, and we can learn about SEO and websites and blogs and monetization together!

From the Office to Beach

This blog’s name – “From the office to the Beach” is based on a conversation I once had with my fellow system administrators about the idea that it should be possible for us to do our job from any place in the world – even a beach – via the Internet. Back then, Internet coverage wasn’t very good in large parts of the world and our employer wasn’t very “home office” friendly, but the idea still seemed valid.

When I was looking for a name for this blog, all the domain names that came to my mind were already taken – and I finally settled on FromTheOfficeToTheBeach.com. It doesn’t mean I literally intend to work from a beach, of course, but it did sound better than “from the office to not the office”. Don’t take it too seriously. I don’t.

Contact Me

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