August 2015 Progress

August saw the worst revenue in a long, long time. No particular reasons for that; the randomness of it all just wasn’t on my side. While the estimated YouTube revenue is quite alright at €1.01, AdSense netted a mere €1.31.

For content, I have mostly given up on my blogs and concentrated on my YouTube channel – that’s what I enjoy doing. I published a total of 43 videos – quite a lot higher than my intended 1/week. Significantly, my channel’s subscriber number increased from 87 to 95 (and, in a slight spoiler, increased to over 100 in early September).

Of course, I posted about each of the 43 videos once. Beyond that, I posted only twice on other subjects. My blogs had a decent number of views – 5919, up 600 from the previous month.

With my current numbers, there is no way to still meet the year’s goals. This is okay, they were very optimistic. As I look into the future, however, I do wonder what I should do about my content creation endeavors. As mentioned, the YouTube channel is what I enjoy. I do get good feedback on my videos; and the channel is growing, albeit slowly. It’s just that there is absolutely no way that it will become even self-sufficient in the near future, and I wonder if I am even cut to be a content creator.

  • Estimated Revenue: 2.32 Euro
  • Total Pageviews: 5919 (+600)
  • New Posts: 2+43=45
  • New Videos: 43
  • YouTube subscribers: 95 (+3 for the secondary channel)

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