December 2014 Progress

Happy new year, folks!

December was a pretty good month. AdSense revenue hit a new record – at just under 5 Euro. YouTube, as always, needs a few weeks more, but should be a tiny tad over 1 Euro, making December my second best month so far. It’s still all pocket change, I know, but I am still happy about it.

Pageviews remained stable, despite Christmas and New Year being a low-traffic period. I did okay on the content creation form, posting just a tad less and uploading just a few videos less than in November.

Of note is that I started networking and will collaborate with one other YouTuber in 2015. I literally spent the last hours of 2014 to discuss projects with him for the new year.

  • Estimated Revenue: 6 Euro
  • Total pageviews: Up 100, at just under 5300
  • New Posts: 19 (not including any previously queued)
  • New Videos: 8 (not including queued ones)
  • Youtube subscribers: 67

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