December 2015 Progress

December was another good month. It set new records – albeit at small margins – on both subscribers (+13) and views (+12 versus October). Total view time was about 8.5% lower than in November, but it’s still a decent result.

I did publish 34 videos on YouTube; one of them being the archived footage from my frist Twitch stream ever. That’s right; I started streaming, although the first one was for testing purposes. A friend watched (the only person, I believe) and I did make some adjustments so future streams will be smoother.

Other than that, I think it is noteworthy that I paid for two ads – to run on Reddit in early January – and signed for for the Elite Dangerous “Distant Worlds Expedition”, a community event that I intend to cover with blog posts and videos. Not only should it be fun, and make me some (in-game) money; I hope that it will also involve me in the community and net me a few viewers, of course. I will take the self-marketing more seriously in 2016, as I intend to grow my channel; and this was me getting into that a little early.

One sad thing to note is that I did catch a nasty cold at the end of the month, and pretty much lost my voice. This will affect me in January. Luckily I did have some pre-recorded footage; I should perhaps record a week’s worth of videos of some classic game so I have material to upload at any point to cover for a similar problem.

Over all I am quite happy with December, and with the year as a whole. Let’s make 2016 an even better year.

  • YouTube Videos: 34
  • Twitch Streams: 1
  • YouTube Subscribers: +13 = 137
  • Twitch Followers: 5
  • YouTube Video Views: 3071

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