Effect of Unfollowing Twitter Followers

I hardly use Twitter. I know I should use it more, but I just don’t find the time. It is made worse because my historically “main” account is following a ton of people who hardly ever post anything that is relevant to me. I figured if I can reduce the floodwave of tweets, I might be able to actually read some.

So I began to unfollow everybody on my account that I felt was just worsening the signal-to-noise rate dramatically. You know the sort of account – mostly blatant self-promotion.

I reduced the amount of twitter accounts I follow from ~220 down to ~40. I knew that doing this would cost me, and thanks to twittercounter I can also show you a neat graph:



My own activity did not change significantly during this time period; if anything it increased somewhat in February when I was hosting a blog carnival. So as you can see, about 30% of the accounts I unfollowed have a “follow-to-follow” policy.

At first glance this may seem fairly nasty; my followers dropped by 20%. But then again, these followers are probably worthless (again, from a marketing point of view) so about the only negative effect is that my profile shows lower numbers than before.

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