February 2015 Progress

February was “meh”. I was taken out by a nasty flu – there’s a bit of an epidemic going around here – and being ill does not help me be productive. That said, I still produced a decent amount of content; most importantly I did not have to interrupt my YouTube posting schedule as we had several episodes pre-produced.

Pageviews were down 400 compared to January, but up 1700 compared to February 2014. The blog carnival effect accounts for much of the loss. The good news is that a few of my smaller sites – which support my long term goals – grew. The bad news is that my main revenue generator continues to decline, but at the level I am at it the loss of revenue doesn’t really matter. No real progress towards my goals, though.

Speaking of goals, I gained another three YouTube subscribers, bringing me to 74. Again, extrapolating from these admittedly few data points means I will miss my target; with ten months to go this is something to be aware of.

In summary, I guess February was a lot of “business as usual”.

  • Estimated Revenue: 3.7 Eur.
  • Total Pageviews: 5800, down 400.
  • New Posts: 22
  • New Videos: 15
  • YouTube Subscribers: 74


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