Feedburner RSS Feed Stats for my sites

Google is showing a day’s worth of statistics since I moved my RSS Feeds to Feedburner. Obviously this website is still unknown and unread, but my worldbuilding site has been around for a few years. Here are its stats, just to show what Feedburner offers you:

Enderra.com Subscribers - Pie Chart

Feedburner makes a difference between humans (actual subscribers) and bots of various descriptions. Among humans, Google Feedfetcher seems to be by far the most commonly used:

Enderra.com Human Subscribers

The “Web Browsers” category is people who clicked on the feed directly – that was probably me testing the feed.

For the Bots, the most popular by far is SimplePie, a PHP feed fetcher library. I am absolutely certain that’s the RPGBA polling my site although Google states that they factor unique IP addresses into these stats. It’s also possible that these are various spammers who subscribe to feeds in order to get posts for comment and backtrack spams.

Enderra.com Bot Subscribers

Note that I did not enable any of the advanced statistics – Feedburner can modify the links in the RSS feed so that it can tell you how much click-through you are getting on each article. I will probably enable that for a blog that I am attempting to optimize; Enderra.com is just a hobby and its key words so diffuse it will never rank very high on any search engine for anything.

Even with just the basic statistics though, I am already glad that I started using Feedburner. I learned somthing I did not know before – the blogging experiment is starting to bear (small) fruit.

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