January 2015 Progress

January was a good month, mostly because I actually created a good amount of content. The cooperation with another YouTube channel helped with creating videos – I published 19 in January, with another 4 already “in the can” for February. Most notably I gained four new subscribers, now sitting at 71.

But I did well on blog posts as well, with 30 new ones across my sites. I hosted a Blog Carnival, and total pageviews returned to almost 6200 as a result. (I’ve signed up for another blog carnival – for May – because of this result.)

Financially, I am still in the same place. After a fairly good December, my revenue dropped to about 4€, including estimated YouTube revenue. It was my best January so far.

  • Estimated Revenue: 4 Euro
  • Total pageviews: Up 900, at just under 6200
  • New Posts: 30 (not including any previously queued)
  • New Videos: 19 (not including queued ones)
  • Youtube subscribers: 71

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