January 2016 Progress

Whoa. January was amazing.

My channel grew by 41 subscribers (to 178) and had a new personal best in views (5440). Total viewtime was even better, at 31987 minutes it was twice as much as my previous best (November, 14392).

This was the direct result of three factors:

  1. I ran two adverts on Reddit. This gave me a small boost to my EU4 series.
  2. I posted about my Myst series, again on Reddit, which a lot of new viewers then binge-watched
  3. I started streaming Elite: Dangerous for the Distant Worlds expedition, which brough a lot of viewers (for my standards)

This illustrates two things. One, self-promotion is a good idea if done respectfully. Two, the value of doing the right game at the right moment.


I finally started streaming on Twitch in earnest. Currently, I focus exclusively on Elite: Dangerous (that Distant Worlds Expedition takes up a lot of time). This isn’t a bad thing, however, as there is not a great amount of competition. I get 6-8 viewers pretty much constantly; even more significantly there is usually someone who actually chats. My highest viewer peak was 11, and I made it to 15 followers at the end of January.

So, overall, I am quite happy with how my Twitch career started.

I do upload all my Twitch stream footage to YouTube, where I have a sort of secondary audience. Not many views, but some people seem to run the videos while they play or work, resulting in a disproportionate high viewtime. It’s really all just good for my channel so far.


  • YouTube Videos: 42
  • Twitch Streams: 6
  • YouTube Subscribers: +41 = 178
  • Twitch Followers: +10 = 15
  • YouTube Video Views: 5440

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