July 2015 Progress

July was a productive month, with 37 posts and 23 videos published.

Unfortunately, my YouTube channel ended the month losing a total of two subscribers; a bit of a setback. I will very likely not meet my subscriber targets for the year, and I seriously need to work on promoting the channel. That said, I did start a more specialized YouTube channel, to see if focusing on one game will yield better results. It’s admittedly a little risky, as this divides my focus among two channels, but we’ll see.

On the bright side, blog views are back to roughly May’s level, at 5315 views (+300 compared to June). Revenue has also recovered, with an estimated 5.35 Euro from blogs and 0.93 Euro from YouTube.

I guess I can still describe my efforts as “treading water”, even if there is a constant, if very small, increase in my average revenue. Besides self-promotion, which I still don’t do at all, I am pondering creating content that might appeal a little more to the broad masses.

  • Estimated Revenue: 6.2 Euro
  • Total Pageviews: 5315 (+300)
  • New Posts: 37
  • New Videos: 23
  • YouTube subscribers: 87 (+2 for the secondary channel)

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