June 2015 Progress

More real life problems in June, but on the plus side it helped me to admit to myself that, yes, creating content is what I really do want to do with my life. Not that I have any illusions about the feasibility of that.

While my real life has been exciting for all the wrong reasons, the publishing front has been fairly uneventful. I feel like I did not create much content; but fortunately I keep a log and it’s really not that bad (17 posts and 17 videos). I’ve also done a little work on branding: I added a watermark to my videos, which YouTube uses as a subscribe button as well, and I created new channel art.

It is noteworthy that my YouTube revenue is roughly 75% lower in June than it has been for the last six months. I don’t know what caused this drop – it could just be the summer slump – but it illustrates quite well that just having one source of income could be a problem, and I will do well to keep trying to diversify as I work on this.

On the bright side, my subscriber count climbed from 84 to 89 (it was at 90 for a week before dropping down one just hours before the end of the month). I still don’t know if these are “real” subscribers, or just bots (I get no spam, though) but they help anyway. I think a big part of YouTube is herd mentality: Just like an empty restaurant is less likely to get customers than one that is crowded, I think people are more likely to subscribe and actually follow a channel that is already popular. I am not saying that this is why I am not rich and famous, obviously.

  • Estimated Revenue:
  • Total Pageviews: 5070 (-200)
  • New Posts: 17
  • New Videos: 17
  • YouTube subscribers: 89

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