March 2015 Progress

March was a very odd month. I concentrated almost entirely on my YouTube content, and my channel continued to grow at it’s usual, slow pace (+4 Subscribers). I’ve done this not so much out of economic considerations – the channel is unlikely to ever pay any sort of significant money – but because it was the most fun, and, to be frank, because I have been in need of escapism myself.

The obvious consequence of this was that total page views for my blogs dropped by about 1k, to 4750. It’s still alright, but it’s further away from my goals that ever. Post it, and they will come; neglect your blog and it begins to fade. It also reinforces the lesson I learned a long time ago – you can’t do everything, pick your projects and do not split your efforts among too many. If you do, you end up with multiple things that fail at the same time.

What makes March strange, however, is that I had a record month in terms of revenue. The one blog I earn most of my AdSense money with performed really well, and I took in 9.77 Euro – Add YouTube to that, and I will be just under 11 Euro for March. Again, not a lot, but that’s three lunches if I don’t go for the expensive stuff. Still far from even covering costs, of course, but let’s look at it as half-full.

  • Estimated Revenue: 10.9 Eur.
  • Total Pageviews: 4750, down 1000.
  • New Posts: 16
  • New Videos: 12
  • YouTube Subscribers: 78

Note: I changed the way I count – I recorded more than 12 Eps, but many (at least another 12) are scheduled for April.

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