May 2015 Progress

Oh, May. A difficult month due to events and actions unrelated to my publishing aspirations. I nevertheless made 5.5 Euro via Blogs and YouTube. The total isn’t stellar but I’ve at least exceeded last year’s May, and as of end of May I am about 12 Euro – or about 60% – ahead on last year.

After my wave of YouTube videos and the slight burnout in late April/early May, I’ve focused a little more on blogging this month, hosting a Blog Carnival on my Worldbuilding site. Unlike previous such events, it has not resulted in “big” a peak of views. Either my topic was chosen poorly or the dissolution of the community that organized it has caused a negative impact – I think it’s mostly the later. Nevertheless, at least I had a slightly plus in total – and the blog was really due to some updates.

  • Estimated Revenue: 5.50 Eur.
  • Total Pageviews: 5228. +300 from last month.
  • New Posts: 22
  • New Videos: 6
  • YouTube Subscribers: 84

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