November 2014 Progress

It occurred to me that I should call these posts “Progress”, because there is so little of it. 🙂

Adsense improved a bit, but it’s still at the same rough level as it has been for several months. To make up for it, YouTube revenue dropped by about the same amount. With only December to go, it seems that my monthly average increased from 1.67 Euro in 2013 to about 3.60 Euro.Or in other words, if I had no expenses at all, it’d pay for one lunch a month. Of course I do have expenses and so it’s an overall loss.

In regards of content creation, November was another fairly unproductive month, the reasons can easily be found in my “real life”. I am especially disappointed that I did not work on a blog that covers a science fiction universe; while that doesn’t generate revenue (no ads) I think it has good long-term potential. On the plus side, I created a fair amount of material for my YouTube channel. a number of them are queued for December, though.

One of the things I’ll do in December is a graph that shows how many posts and videos I created over time – I am absolutely convinced that there is a direct correlation between what growth I had and posting new content consistently.

  • Estimated Revenue: About 3 Euro, again YouTube will take time
  • Total pageviews: Just under 5000. The drop is mostly from my long-running Role-Playing/Worldbuilding blog which I have neglected way too much.
  • New Posts: 21 (a few queued for December)
  • New Videos: 11 (half of them queued for December)
  • Youtube subscribers: Steady at 68


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