November 2015 Progress

November was a good month. First and foremost, I kept with my daily schedule – releasing, in fact, 43 videos over the course of the month. While views were slightly down, at just under 3000 views, this was just an artifact of November having one fewer day than October. In reality, the number of views grew by 0.47%. At the same time, I had a record month regarding total viewed time; clocking in at 14392 minutes.

Most importantly, I got 12 new subscribers. A new record.

Revenue was pretty good as well – a total of 9 Euro between my blogs and YouTube channel.

I should mention that this is all despite starting a new job in November.

Other than sheer numbers, I did not make a whole lot of progress. I made preparations for starting to stream at some point Рbought a second screen, completed my OBS configuration, and set up TeeBoard. I believe that streaming is a good way to reach my intended audience, but I have not yet gotten around to it (nor mustered the courage).

  • Videos: 51 (October), 43 (November)
  • Subscribers: +5 (October), +12 (November) = 124
  • Views: 3059 in October; 2985 in November

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