October 2014 Progress

Slow month. Adsense continues to do its dance and October it bounced down again – but since it’s still comparable to August it’s no real reason to be disappointed; instead I’ll just have to keep in mind that it’s so very random at such low levels.

It does seem that I have a few cents most days – maybe some sort of baseline is forming? At any rate, pageviews are stable, which is good, it’s just that blogs performed better in October which don’t generate revenue.

In other, and somewhat better, news: I’ve been doing well on the content creation front: I published two videos and fifteen posts across my blogs.

  • Estimated revenue at 3€ – again, YouTube will take another two weeks to give me finalized numbers.
  • Total pageviews 6274, up from 6138.
  • Youtube climbed to 68 subscribers, from 66.

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