September and October 2015 Progress

I completely forgot to post my monthly update in September, so I will combine September and October. Ooops.

Both months saw healthy revenue (for my low standards). September clocked in at 5.7 Eur, and October at 6.23 Eur. Pageviews of my blogs increased by 300 each; to ~6200 in September and then to ~6500 in October.

Content-wise, I have all but given up on my blogs, concentrating what I truly enjoy: My YouTube channel. Exceptions being the blog about solutions to IT problems, as that has always been on a very slow burn, and the companion blog to said channel.

In a way I was quite happy when I realized this; spreading myself too thin – overextending, if you will – has always been a problem of mine. I realized that I need to concentrate on one or at most two things and do them well instead of doing many things at once which then each see no progress.

And as a consequence, this blog (From the Office to the Beach) will likely focus more and more on the video side of things as well.

So, let’s look at the content. I produced and published 43 videos in September, and a whopping 51 in October. This is a far cry from my “one a week minimum” goal for this year. My choices – Europa Universalis and The Long Dark are relatively popular; especially The Long Dark gets good actual retention, which is something to emphasise over views, of course.

My channel did do well for itself, too; I had 2770 views in September and 3059 in October – my first ever month over 3000, and without any of the few minor viral videos I had, too. I gained 11 subscribers in September and 5 in October, bringing my current total to 112. I still won’t meet my lower end goal for 2015 as it currently stands, but at least I did break the 100 Subscribers milestone.

I do believe that just getting those numbers higher – views and subscribers – has to be my short-term goal, as I firmly believe in herd mentality. Or in other words, the way to become popular is to be popular. It’s a feedback loop, and bootstrapping it is the difficult part.


  • Videos: 43 (September), 51 (October)
  • Subscribers: +11 (September), +5 (October) = 112
  • Views: 2770 in September, 3059 in October

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